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Grant-In-Aid Program

The Grant-In-Aid Program has been in place for many years.  It is completely funded by donations from members.

The program is designed to help students enter festivals, competitions and auditions, which they otherwise could not enter because of the cost.  This becomes especially evident in families with 2 or more children who study piano.

Most students can benefit in so many ways by having the opportunity to participate in these events.  MVMTA wants to encourage students to achieve success in their musical studies!

The grant money cannot be used to pay for lessons or music or other expenses.  It is only to offset of the cost of registration fees for students who enter...

  • MMTA Contest
  • Theory Exams
  • Ensemble Contests
  • Bernice Jones Festival
  • Federation Festival
  • Guild Auditions
  • other similar competitions and festivals

Typically, we award 50% of the cost of the registration and application fees.  We request that families fill out a short application describing their need.  Only one application is needed for the entire family and for all the events the students are entering.  We will also be asking the family's piano teacher for a recommendation of need.  Please have all submissions in by MAY 1st.

Fill out the grant application →→  Grant-In-Aid Application


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