Minnesota Valley Music 
Teacher's Association


Bernice Jones Festival

April 4, 2020

8:00 am - 1:30 pm


must be postmarked by March 1, 2020

Click above application link to open the Registration Form which you can print.  Or, you may right-click on the link to save the form to your computer.  

Completed registrations must be mailed to the address listed on the form, along with the participation fee for each student.

Music Appreciation Award/Concert Attendance


Students participating in the Bernice Jones Piano Competition are eligible to receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card by attending area concerts throughout the next few months. The award will be presented to the two students attending the most concerts.


Your school concerts do not qualify.  Any other concert featuring music of any musical genre will qualify.  Simply attend the concert, bring a program (if there is one) to your next lesson, chat a bit about the concert with your teacher, and fill out the "Concert Attendance Log" from the link above.


Click the "Rules & Concert Suggestions" link above for a list of some possibilities in the area - - but you are also welcome to attend concerts not listed here.


Concerts attended between October 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020 will qualify for the Bernice Jones “Music Appreciation Award.”


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